Baccarat Rules In Depth

One of the easiest games to play in a casino is Baccarat, whether it is in a local land based casino or playing online baccarat. Here few most of the basic online baccarat rules are discussed to get you started.

To study about the online baccarat rules in depth it is important to have first a rough layout of the working of rules in baccarat. And the rough layout of rules in baccarat is as follows:

• First step is to decide the amount of bet on the hand.
• Choosing to bet on either of the three; the player, banker or a tie.
• Letting the dealer deal the cards according to the baccarat rules posted and then is the determination of the winner.
• Collect your awards by getting cash from the chips if your bet wins.

Now on after getting the idea of the game we will discuss the rules in online baccarat in details, explaining why the baccarat dealer draws cards on particular hands and doesn't on others. Every baccarat rule is actually pretty simple once you learn them.

First rule: memorize values of cards According to the rules in baccarat the first step is to learn the value of the cards. And in the deck of cards all tens and face cards are worth zero. Aces are counted as one. And all other cards are worth their face value. For example, sevens are worth seven and fives are worth five, etc.

Second rule: After the cards are handed in each hand, and if the total is 10 or over, then it’s a rule that the tens place is dropped. So for example if you have an eight and a seven, your total is five, not fifteen.

After the first two cards are dealt for the player and the banker, the following rules to play baccarat are followed:

• If there is a total of eight or nine player or the banker's first two cards, then no further cards are drawn. An 8 or a 9 on the first two cards is called baccarat natural.
• The player receives one more card if he has a zero, one, two, three, four or five on his or her first two cards.
• If the player has a six or a seven, he has to stand and does not get any another card.
• When the player does not draw a card, the banker does not draw a card when he or she has a six or a seven.
• When the banker has any total of five or less than 5, then the banker gets to draw an additional card.
• If the player draws a card and it is a 2 or 3: The banker gets another card if he has anything from 0-4. The banker stands if he has a five, six or seven.
• When the player draws a card and it is out of 4 or 5: The banker stands on a six or seven and draws another card on any hand of five or lower. When the player draws a 6 or 7: the dealer stands on a seven and draws on everything six or lower.
• If the player draws an 8: the dealer draws if he has anything out of 0-2 and stands on everything else.
• When the player draws a face card, ten, ace or nine: The banker draws if he has 0-3 and stands on everything four and higher.

Bets on the baccarat player pay one-to-one and bets on the baccarat dealer pay one-to-one minus a 5% commission.

Mini Baccarat Rules -

Mini baccarat rules are the similar to the baccarat game rules. The only difference is that in mini baccarat the dealer does everything. Although in a normal baccarat game usually a player gets to deal the cards. This is only used in high stakes games in large casinos usually. The baccarat game usually played is mini baccarat. So whether you learn the mini baccarat rules or the normal baccarat rule structure you only have to learn one set.

Baccarat Rules Variations

There are two baccarat rule variations. They are called baccarat chemin de fer and baccarat banque. None of them either baccarat chemin de fer or baccarat banque are played in casinos normally in the United States. Both of these variations involve one of the players acting as the bank and the rules for drawing are not quite as stringent as those for normal baccarat.